Sunday, 8 April 2012

Woohoo, a comic!!!

Well that took longer than I expected...
As you can see, in frames 3 and 4 anyway, I went for the more graphic novel approach rather than standard comic colouring. Luckily the last two frames are very similar, so that cut down on the work ;-)
I'm starting on the next one soon, hopefully it won't take me as long. These aren't going to be in any way regularly posted :-P


  1. I love the expression on the butchers face! haha and the speech bubble for Sid is a nice touch ;)
    I like the colouring in frames 3 and 4, you've done a really great job with it- especially Sid's hair!

    1. I like the way the surprised look turned out... the second face is just cheating by manipulating the first one ;-)
      I didn't know I could draw and colour a chicken and a pig's head so well! And considering that I'm vegetarian too :-P

      Look up the Destruction EP "Mad Butcher", it's a homage :-)